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Learn More About The New Hampshire Winery Association
and Our History

In 2006 Dr. Peter Oldak, board member emeritus, and several other current members, founded the New Hampshire Winery Association (NHWA).  Currently there are 21 members in the association. They range from vineyards, home wineries, a hotel lobby, small European style wineries, barns, store fronts, to large hospitality centers. Each business offers an exuberant and unique experience, many offer food and there’s even some with lodging.

The purpose of the New Hampshire Winery Association is to:

Cups of New Hampshire Wine Samples

Promote the production of premium New Hampshire wines, ciders, and mead.


Represent the interests of New Hampshire winemakers and growers of grape, apple and agricultural crops used by winemakers.


Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between winemakers.

Develop educational programs to improve winemaking and viticulture.


Create and market a New Hampshire wine trail.


Encourage educational institutions to support the wine industry with expertise, faculty, and research and assist with the development of programs and curricula.


Develop the NHWA on-line presence to bring the local grape, wine, and hospitality community closer through enhanced communication channels.


Develop a marketing program which enhances the image of the New Hampshire Winery Association and its members.

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